How to Choose the Right Surface Finish for Your Prototype?

Custom Machined Parts

Obtaining the desired surface finish of a machined metal part depends on a variety of factors. In general, the most important factors to consider are

Cost: You may have noticed a number of surface preparation methods and think they are suitable for your application. However, many of these methods are complex. They may require expensive equipment and tools. In this way, you may exceed your estimated budget. Therefore, you must make a cost effective decision. That is, you should choose a surface finishing process that is within your budget.

Materials: Some surface finishing processes are better suited to certain materials than others. In most cases, the harder the metal material, the stronger the finish will be. In this guide, some methods have been associated with suitable materials. Please review them to make an informed decision.

Aesthetic requirements: Some applications place aesthetics above surface protection. It would be best if you considered these applications when choosing a finish for your parts.


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