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Custom injection mold tooling manufacturing services for plastic prototypes and on-demand production parts. Low-Volume and Mass Production in One Place.
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding
  • Thermoset Silicone Injection Molding
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Silicone rubber Compression molds

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Make precise molds for better production of parts

After the prototype sample test is successful, in order to produce more accurate and larger plastic parts or metal parts, it is necessary to process the parts by injection molding, which requires the production of injection molds tooling, hot pressing moulds, etc.

  We provide custom injection molds to help you with injection molding to ensure the success of your project. We work with you to understand the characteristics of your project, then develop precise metal or plastic injection mold designs to your specifications. We also offer metal or plastic injection molding to meet your high-volume production needs.

Our versatility allows us to develop prototype tooling and production tooling at affordable prices. Help your project or product to market faster.

Do you require rapid tooling, volume production tooling, or end-use injection molding with tight tolerances? Our team of experienced experts is ready to provide cost-effective solutions at every stage.

Types of Plastic Injection Molds

We offer various types of injection mold tooling, depending on your specifications and applications. From prototype mold tooling to production and export molds, we are your reliable partner.

Injection Molding Prototypes:
Get easy design feedback and validation through superior quality prototype tooling. Create small batches of plastic molded parts with excellent injection molding prototypes. We excel at manufacturing prototype molds within days to ensure you perform functional tests and validate market interest. We implement affordable aluminum tooling to help you reduce financial risks before full-scale production.
Mass Production Tooling:
We create high-quality production molds for high-volume plastic parts production. With high-strength, durable tool steel material, our production tooling is suitable for producing hundreds of thousands of parts. We can vary materials and construction methods according to your unique requirements.

Single Cavity Mold

Ensure effective low-volume plastic parts production with high-quality single cavity injection molds. These cost-effective mold tooling options give you more control over the plastic manufacturing process.

Multi Cavity Mold

Efficiently manufacture multiple plastic molded parts with superior-quality multi-cavity molds. Our multi-cavity injection molds ensure more effective use of cycle time while offering a lower cost of a unit part. With higher productivity, you can get high quantities of parts per cycle.

Stack Mold

Increase the output of your injection molding process with innovative stack molds. Stack Molds are a series of molding faces “stacked” together to create multiple faces or levels for molding. Each level or face is a parting line and produces the molded product. the excellent stack mold tooling to increase your molding efficiency while reducing overall part cost.

Overmolding molds

Economical and efficient custom injection molding solution for molding two different plastic materials. We provide 2K injection mold tooling to allow a seamless combination of soft and hard plastics for one product. Save costs by creating tailor-made products and combining assembly steps into one molding process.

Injection Mould and Moulding Capabilities

we produce different types of plastic injection moulds from the most basic injection moulds to the most complex family moulds and overmoulds. Our main goal when we face our clients is “To provide the shortest delivery with the most favourable pricing by offering the highest quality moulds and services.”

Rapid Prototyping

Plastic Injection Mould Design

Injection Mould Manufacturing

Injection Moulding

Injection Mold Tooling Processes

We build custom injection molds based on your unique specifications. Our mold tooling process is dependent on your design. We use top-notch predictive modeling software to offer quality mold flow analysis to ensure adequate mold tooling production. From mold prototype development to sample inspection and delivery, we provide excellent technical support.

Request for Quote

Request your quote from our ionline quotation platform and our dedicated engineers will provide a response within 24 hours, ensuring the process goes on smoothly.

DFM Report

To ensure we can produce functional molds, we offer feasibility reviews of your design to ensure we can fulfill requirements before starting production.

Mold Flow Analysis

Predictive modeling software helps us look at the way molten material moves and acts within the mold, which helps us deliver improvements.

Mold Tooling Production

Start the production of mold tooling according to your specific application needs by using the materials and finishs of your choice.

T1 Sample Verification

T1 sampling will be delivered for you to review prior to manufacturing plastic parts to ensure precision and quality.

Low Volume Production

if need

Strict Inspection

if need


After a thorough inspection, we will deliver your products to you as quickly as possible while ensuring their safety.

Surface Finishes of Injection Molding

Injection molding includes injection mold tooling, plastic injection molding, and more. The surface treatment of the mold is usually completed during the production process. After the injection molding is completed, we will carry out certain surface treatments on the finished product as per your requirement.


A grade finishes are made using a diamond buffing process and yield shiny and glossy surfaces on injection molded parts.


B grade finishes use grit sandpaper to produce parts with a slightly rougher finish than grade A parts. Custom molded plastic parts that undergo B grade finishing have a matte surface texture.


C grade finishes use grit sanding stones to produce a rough, uneven surface. Injection plastic parts that undergo C grade finishing have a matte surface texture.


D grade finishes use grit and dry glass beads or oxide to produce a very rough textured finish. Depending on the type of material used, products can have a satin or dull finish.

Why choose us to make the molds & tooling?

One-stop service

One-stop service, perfect connection from prototype to injection molding, after understanding your requirements, it will implement from prototype manufacturing to mass production, saving you time and speeding up the progress.

Experienced Engineers

Our injection molding engineers have rich experience after handling thousands of projects; whichever parts they come across, they can get the correct parameters immediately.

Advanced Facilities

We can make the most precise moldings using imported and top-brand local injection molding machines.
Aside from our in-house facilities, we have built up strong networks with our partners. Full fleets of metal and plastic injection molding machines, from 10 to 1000 tons are ready for your orders without delay.

Fast delivery

Our experienced functional engineers can solve any difficult problems in the mold manufacturing process to ensure that the mold can be processed quickly and on time.

Materials for Injection Mold Tooling

The material used for mold tooling determines its life span and the quality of injection molded parts. We offer multiple grades of materials for injection molds used in different stages of product development. Our professionals select suitable materials to achieve varying levels of dimensional precision and aesthetic quality. We also provide professional advice on mold materials.

Gallery of Plastic Injection Molds

We are adept at manufacturing high-precision plastic injection molds such as stack mold, multi-cavity mold, 2k injection mold, and high precision mold.

Mold Making Projects

We are a professional mold making company in China, offering wide range of prototype molds & production molds for most types of production methods, such as plastic injection molding, metal injection molding, high pressure die casting, metal casting, profile extrusion and sheet metal. With our strong engineer and manufacture team, we have successfully produced 5K+ of molds and delivery 1 Million+ of parts to our customers.

Protect Glasses Mold

This is a 4 cavities mold we made for PU glasses injection molding. To protect people being infected during the critical time. We finish the mold within 10 days instead of 4 weeks. Find out how we speed up the mold making process.

Big Car Component Mold

One of our advantages is we are able to make large size of molds from our CNC and EDM machines, and get the moldings done from our 1500 ton molding machines.

Reflector Mold Core

To get the best result of optical parts from injection molding process, it is important to achieve high gloss mold core from High Speed CNC Machining directly, instead of hand polishing.

Class of Injection Molding Mold

At out site, we design and create precise custom injection molds from high-quality materials. Our processes ensure unmatched consistency and repeatability at fast lead times and affordable pricing. Every plastic injection molding we fabricate meets international standards. From one-off projects to small batches and production tooling, we provide durable and reliable mold tools.

Mold Class


Shot Life



Lead Time

Class 105

Prototype Testing

Under 500 cycles

± 0.02mm


7-10 days

Class 104

Low-volume Production

Under 100.000 cycles

± 0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 103

Low-volume Production

Under 500.000 cycles

± 0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 102

Medium-volume Production

Medium to high production

± 0.02mm


10-15 days

Class 101

High-volume Production

Over 1,000,000 cycles

± 0.02mm


10-18 days

Our Injection Mold Tooling for Various Industrial Applications

We works with leading manufacturers from different industries to support growing demands and streamline their supply chain. The digitalization of our custom injection molding services helps more and more manufacturers bring their idea to products.
Consumer Goods
Medical Devices


Frequently Asked Questions

Our mold-making process includes 6 steps:
Step 1: Production arrangement: Determine all of the requirements and arrange the production.
Step 2: DFM report analysis: Provide free but detailed production DFM report for further feasibility analysis.
Step 3: Production the mold: Put the mold into production and provide the Tooling Schedule form for the whole cycle for clients to check the process at any time.
Step 4: Free sample to test: Put the mold into production and provide the Tooling Schedule form for the whole cycle for clients to check the process at any time.
Step 5: Mass production:Client confirms the samples are qualified, then officially proceed with the subsequent production.
Step 6: Mold saving: Production is completed and delivered after quality inspection. Mold will be cleaned and properly stored for the next round of parts production.

Tolerance is very important, and if not correctly specified and controlled, assembling will fail. RapidDirect uses ISO 2068-c standard for injection molding tolerances unless tighter tolerance required.
No minimum order quantity, but the oder pricing will be more competitive if qty is higher.
After you place order, it takes about 35 days for mold designing and making, and more 3-5 days for molded parts production.
Generally, we generate the quote after our platform must have considered several factors, including the size of the component, mold complexity, number of injection cavities, materials, post-processing needs, etc.
Molds are normally created to duplicate plastic and metal parts. After testing the prototypes and the market, it is the most cost-efficient way to launch your products at scale.
Generally speaking, making plastic or metal molds (and moldings) is cheaper in China than other countries. But shipping costs should also be considered: you will need to use air freight if you have a tight schedule; sea freight is much cheaper, but will usually take 40 days or more.
A well-made, fully harden steel mold may be used for up to a million shots or injections, depending on the mold shape and injection material. Aluminum molds are less durable, which is good for short-run production with tight schedule.
Molding designs should avoid sharp corners, inconsistent wall thicknesses, and other features that restrict material flow.

Whatever you decide to use, in the end, what is the best cost-efficient way to get your parts done in the required quality is the key.

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