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Our CNC Machining Services

Whether you need plastic or metal parts, simple or complex, we offer CNC milling services for most type of custom CNC milled parts. Our precision 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC milling machines, combined with other advanced capabilities and our experienced team, provide high quality CNC milled parts and fast delivery.
  Your CNC milling project will be handled by our in-house CNC machining department and supplier network, so timeliness and quality are guaranteed and you can focus on selling your product. If you need a reliable CNC milling company, we will never let you down!
  CNC milling removes material from plastic and metal workpieces, using cutting tools or multi-point milling cutters to create custom-designed parts with different geometries.
  With our 3- and 5-axis CNC milling services, you can get milled parts with tolerances up to 0.02 mm (± 0.0008 inch).
  Trust our CNC milling capabilities

Precision CNC Milling for Metals & Plastics & Other Materials Options

In addition to standard tolerance CNC parts such as ISO2678M or ISO2678F, We also offer high-precision CNC machining parts. With high-precision milling & turning machines, we are able to catch super-tight tolerance for prototype machining & production. After being in the manufacturing industry for over 10 years, we discovered a simple formula to produce precision parts Precision machines + Precision heart = Precision parts. We have a wide range of CNC machines and experienced engineers who never compromise tolerance or part quality.

CNC milling of plastics is the most common and economical way to create rapid prototypes and review the appearance and function of your design.


CNC milling is a popular way to produce both rapid prototyping of metal parts and final parts. Common metals include aluminum, magnesium, steel, brass, copper, etc.

Other Materials

Besides plastics and metals, we can also work with ceramics such as Alumina, ZrO2, AIN, Si3N4, and SiC. Wood and marble are also on our list.

Why Choose Us for Custom CNC Milling?

Cost Efficient

80% of aspect and mechanical parts can be CNC milled within minutes or even seconds by optimizing the tool paths and using special cutting tools. Our automation setup for CNC milling is super cost-efficient for mass production. It helps reduce CNC machining costs compared with additive manufacturing in most cases.

Materials & Finishes Options

Besides our fast turnaround time, we have various types and specs of plastic and metal blocks available for CNC milling processes. We can also provide different surface finishing for CNC machined parts, such as painting, anodizing and chroming. It’s an excellent combination of function and aspect.

Unlock Complexity

Because the cutting tools of a milling machine can approach the workpieces from several different angles, it is possible to create CNC machined parts with complex shapes. With more axes, we can create milled parts with greater complexity. Milling is often the best bet if a project demands an irregular shape.

Typical CNC Milling Parts That We Offer

A variety of custom parts made of plastic and metal materials are processed by us for customers, from rapid prototyping,
low-volume production to mass production orders.
  CNC milling services are capable of handling a wide range of milling materials and are one of the ideal options for creating prototypes or manufacturing high-volume final parts.
  Our CNC experts know how to cut parts quickly to reduce costs and are also adept at milling complex geometries to meet the tight tolerances required for custom-designed milled parts of different materials.
  We have delivered one million+ high quality CNC parts to many customers worldwide.


Mold Components

CNC milling plays a crucial role in mold making. Mold cavities, mold bases, sliders, lifters, and other mold components can be milled.

Plastic and Metal Valves

Parts like valves and engine houses require complex geometry and tight tolerances. We can make such parts with our 5-axis CNC milling.

Medical Parts

CNC milled implants in medical-grade material. We are familiar with bone fracture plates and other components which can be used in surgery.

Automotive Prototypes

CNC milling plays a crucial role in mold making. Mold cavities, mold bases, sliders, lifters, and other mold components can be milled.

Mold Components

Parts like valves and engine houses require complex geometry and tight tolerances. We can make such parts with our 5-axis CNC milling.

CNC Milled Adapters

CNC milled aluminum adapters with tight tolerance for dimensions and angles of the holes, with an alodine finish.

Our CNC Machining for Various Industrial Applications

We works with leading manufacturers from different industries to support growing demands and streamline their supply chain. The digitalization of our custom CNC machining services helps more and more manufacturers bring their idea to products.
Regardless of the manufacturing process used to create the end-use part, our CNC machining service is widely used by designers as a means of creating early and late-stage prototypes with short turnarounds times. CNC prototyping allow designers to rapidly iterate ideas without tooling costs or waiting times. It is one of the best ways to create concept model and function prototype to verify the design. Compared with other rapid prototyping methods, rapid CNC machining allows us to get tight tolerance prototypes in real materials fast. CNC Prototyping is the preferred option to bring new design life among the other rapid prototyping methods, unless the products are designed for 3D printing or other methods only.
CNC machining and EDM are the main methods to fabricate metal tooling for injection molding, high pressure die casting, blow molding, roller molding, stamping, blending and so on. High speed CNC machines allow us to make high precision copper patterns, mold cavities, mold base, lifter and other mold components in very short term. Moreover, with 5 axis milling machines, we can mill the deep pocket features in hours which take days to make by EDM in the past. That’s how we can speed up the mold making process significantly. Check out how rapid tooling works.
CNC machining has for several years been an integral part of aerospace manufacturing. That’s partly down to the extremely high precision of CNC machines, making the process suitable for safety-critical parts that will be used on aircraft. Machinable aerospace parts include prototype engine components, fuel panels, landing gear components and engine mounts.
In the automotive industry, utilizing a CNC machining service is the most popular way to create concept cars as well as the function testing components, such as lighting, engine, transmission & steering system. It is also widely used to produce high volume automotive parts and post-machining the die casting parts, investment casting parts. It is especially useful for custom automotive parts, which may be required for repairs or for limited-edition luxury vehicles, since it is too costly to make few parts by molding process.
The machinability of many grades of titanium and stainless steel makes CNC machining services widely used in healthcare, with the process regularly used to create implants, medical devices and surgical tools such as scalpels. Tight tolerances and fast turnarounds are especially important for items such as titanium hip implants, which should be tailored to a patient’s anatomy.
Though injection molding dominates the production of simple plastic parts, many off-the-shelf goods are created with CNC machining. Household goods and appliances often contain machined parts, while items like enclosures and fixtures are also suitable for the process. Goods like sporting equipment may also be CNC machined. The CNC machining of metal and plastic components plays a big role in the electronics industry. Items such as laptop casings, connectors and sockets can all be reliably made with a CNC machine.
The application of robotics is prominent in several industries and continues to grow. Our advanced manufacturing processes and extensive production capabilities will help you stay relevant in the competitive market. Here are some robotics applications RapidDirect can make with you:
  • Grippers
  • Housings and fixtures
  • Arm components
  • Robotics assemblies
  • Networking technology
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Animatronics
  • Commercial and defense robotics

Frequently Asked Questions

CNC milling is just one of the CNC machining processes available. Milling is a particular form of precision CNC machining. Milling uses a cutter that removes material by moving into the workpiece at an angle. The movement of the cutter is controlled by computer instructions, allowing for extreme precision and repeatability.
Besides CNC turning, CNC milling is one of the most popular custom CNC machining processes. CNC milling services are used for the majority of machined parts because it can handle a wide variety of irregular geometries. It is also an efficient means of mass production once the setup is complete.
We facilitie contain high-end 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis CNC machining centers, including models from Haas and JingDiao.
Yes. We can use a CNC machine to mill details, features, and text onto parts made using other processes like casting and 3D printing.
The major difference between CNC milling and CNC lathe is in their machining process. CNC milling involves rotating the cutting tools against a stationary bar stock or workpiece. In contrast, a CNC lather works by rotating the bar stock or workpiece against a stationary tool. CNC milling is more suitable for machining irregular and flat surfaces, while CNC lathes work best for cylindrical or conical parts.
we can produce highly complex and intricate rapid prototypes and low-volume production parts. The CNC milling process is suitable for a wide selection of materials for various applications. Our CNC milling service can achieve standard tolerances of +/- 0.05mm. However, tighter tolerances of up to +/- 0.01mm are also possible.
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