Advantages of Injection Molding


Injection molding is a manufacturing process that used to inject liquid plastic. The part comes out in seconds when inject the liquid plastic into the mold.

Below are some advantages of why choose injection molding for your full-scale plastice parts production.

Multi Materials & Colors are Available

Injection molding process is compatible with many different plastics and color formulations. Depending on your project’s requirment, multi plastics can be chosen based on several factors, including tensile and impact strength, elasticity and heat resistance. Injection molded parts are also easy to color with, this characteristic makes injection molding a common process when make consumer products. Multi colors can be applied in pellet and liquid form, and some moldable resins are pre-colored.


Producing parts with Injection molding process is extremely fast. Molten thermoplastics cool rapidly within the mold, and the time between cycles can be as little as 20 seconds, making the process highly efficient and cost-effective.


High-performance thermoplastics can be made to injection molded parts, and inserts can be used to further increase strength. There no layer lines on Injection molded parts compare to 3D printed parts.

Complex Sharpes

Although some certain design principles must be followed, complex plastice parts can be produced because the tool can be made in complex shapes also to meet your need. Furthermore, small and intricate details on your parts can be achieved with the high pressures are injected in.

Surface finish

The high quality surface without post-processing is one of the biggest advantages of injection molding. Injection molded parts can do post-processing of course, but the as molded surface parts have smooth surface that is already enough for end-use.


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