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CNC machining technology is a kind of machining, but also obeys the cutting law of machining, and the processing technology of ordinary machine tools is roughly the same. Because it is an automatic processing that applies computer control technology to mechanical processing, it has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and high precision, and the processing technology has its own unique features, the process is more complex, and the work step arrangement is more detailed and thorough.
Three points are detailed below;

  1. High precision
    One of the biggest advantages of using CNC milling machines is that they can manufacture parts exactly to specification. Because CNC milling machines rely on computer instructions to manufacture parts, they eliminate the possibility of human error common in manually operating machines. This means you can accurately create complex parts while achieving tolerances of 0.004 mm.
  2. Fast and efficient:
    Traditional milling machines usually require the operator to manually change cutting tools depending on the cutting operation to be performed. This is not only time-consuming, but also inefficient, as the end result is based on operator judgment. CNC milling machines have rotating turntables that can accommodate up to 30 different tools. These tools are automatically changed on the spindle during machining operations, allowing cutting operations to be performed quickly and efficiently. With CNC milling machines, you can have parts ready in hours compared to days (or weeks) that traditional methods can take.
  3. Wide selection of materials:
    CNC milling machines are compatible with a wide range of materials, including plastics, metals and composites. As long as you have a block of material, there is no problem for CNC milling machines to process it.
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